The CEO2CEO Digital Transformation Summit

Dec. 8, 2015

The New York Stock Exchange

As more and more industries are disrupted by digital newcomers and new business models, CEOs and their companies are increasingly at risk of being overtaken by bold entrants into traditional markets. Uber, Airbnb, and others have demonstrated how quickly competitive landscapes can be upended. Every CEO and their management team—even in B2B sectors—must reconceive their strategy and build a transformative path to a digital future.

Digital Transformation—the use of technology to fundamentally improve performance or extend the reach of enterprises—will be the marker by which CEOs will be measured. Leaders can’t afford to dabble at the edges or appoint a chief digital officer adopting flashy technologies at the margin. Digital transformation will come not just from implementing new technologies such as data analytics, Internet of Things, cloud and mobile computing, but from transforming across one’s entire organization to take advantage of the possibilities these new tools provide. At the same time, leaders must understand new risks, including cybersecurity.

This Summit highlights the latest best practices and provides the opportunity for you to improve your company and its key functions by understanding fast-moving trends and applying to your own organization the hard-won experience of peer CEOs.

As with all Chief Executive’s events, participation in the CEO2CEO Digital Transformation Summit is limited to CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen, as well as select thought leaders or those who can add insight to the conversation.


Speakers /

Ursula Burns

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox Corporation

Jay Walker

Executive Chairman of Walker Innovation Inc.

Thomas Quinlan

President and Chief Executive Officer of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

Maggie Wilderotter

Executive Chairman of Frontier Communications

Agenda /

Rethinking Your Business Model and Strategy for the Digital Economy

Every company is now a digital company, and the new economy has smashed the boundaries between product, service and solution providers.  New value is being realized across all parts of the value chain and in diverse industries (Uber, for example, neither produces nor owns any cars, nor employs any drivers or dispatchers, but has a market value in the tens of billions). As part of this shift, every company needs to rethink its basic value proposition, pricing models and more to align better with customers, the value it delivers and its competitive position. We will discuss how you can rethink your value chain and ensure that you are attacking and disrupting—not defending—your own business before a competitor or new entrant does.

External Impact: Leveraging Technology [or Big Data] to Reinvent Marketing and Sales

Data and analytic advancements are creating opportunities for companies to better understand and predict customers’ needs, develop segmented and customized solutions, and bring lean principles to marketing and sales processes that target the right prospects at the right time with the right offer and reduce marketing and sales waste. But the tools are complex and full of hype; too often these investments fail to deliver ROI. This session will focus on the latest practical applications for improving sales and marketing effectiveness, as well as steps you should consider that can help position your organization for future prosperity.

Internal Impact: Rethinking Your Operations

To realize the potential of new technology and models, your organization will require new processes—and people. Given the natural resistance to change, where are the opportunities for the quickest and safest returns on investment? What skills will your organization need, how can you ensure you will acquire these skills, and how can you transition your existing people to make needed changes?

Cybersecurity Risks and How to Protect Your Company

Each and every day, hundreds of companies just like yours will fall victim to cybersecurity attacks that result in the loss of money, intellectual property, customer data, trade secrets, proprietary processes and methods. For the CEO, understanding the risks, educating yourself on current threats and determining what to defend against will determine how your organization ultimately deflect threats and its ability to survive attacks.

*Agenda subject to change

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